☀️Be The Salt☀️

“Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.” 


Mark 9:50

Undercover Jesus Girl:

I've spent too much of my life in hiding.  You see, when I packed up and headed to college I tucked away all I had learned in an effort to "fit in".  I wanted to make friends, have a good time and do everything that I wanted to do.  Faith just didn't fit in with my good time. 
So I chose to ignore God.  I avoided all conversations regarding faith and lived my way.  "There would be plenty of time for the boring stuff later when I am older and settled down", I would tell myself. 
Time passed, I got married and started a family.  My husband and I joined a church and while my faith was growing I still kept it to myself, afraid to say to others what I should have been shouting from the rooftops. 
God was present, changing me, but I was scared how others would see me.  Weird, un-relatable or worse... boring!
Our God is big, He is strong and transforms us from the inside.  He has placed others in my life, like CTC Keeper Emily, whose faith and love for Christ overflows.  They made me hungry.  Hungry to feel the same way and busting to share with others the joy I had found that was in no way boring. 
I wanted to "be salty" everywhere I went and flavor the world with the love Jesus have given me.
I'd like to tell you that this comes easily for me now, but it doesn't.  It takes me being intentional and putting myself out there in a way that often feels uncomfortable.  But now is the time sisters.  We must be bold. 
The world needs us to "Be Salty" now, maybe more than ever.  Do it today, not tomorrow or the next day, today, and lift one another up as one body in Christ.


Taryn McGarry - CTC Team Member






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