Act Justly, No Mercy, Walk Boldly?

Micah 6:8 - To Act Justly and Love Mercy and to Walk Humbly with Your God. 

Reading this makes me feel inspired but let me share how I find myself actually living -

Act Justly in my interpretation of what is right based on this world. 

No Mercy because I feel justified in my unforgiveness.

Walking Boldly in myself because self-confidence matters.

 As I began to look at writing this I felt compelled to look at all the scriptures around the Truth on the Tank.  Because while I love the quick message I felt really led to look at what the Lord is teaching us in these scriptures.  What I learned is in over 2000 years humanity has not gotten around to changing our ways much.  In the verses before our text The Lord is stating his case against the Israelites, and he is going through all he has done for them, and then he speaks to how they responded. 

And how did the Israelites behave?  A lot like I behave -- unappreciative, forgetting the realities of the situations he has delivered me from and then once I see my error thinking my actions/gestures will somehow please the Lord.  In these verses he shares with us how he feels about this behavior and it is just a big fat NO.  For those of you with kids think about how many times we try to put our kids on the right path.  How many times they ignore us and then get hurt?  For small children it is normally a physical hurt and for older ones it is emotional.  Think of the frustration around knowing if they had just listened to us.....  NOW think of how God must feel and how much grace he shows us over and over.

JUSTLY - According to what is morally right or fair.
MERCY - Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm.
HUMBLY - unpretentious - in a way that shows or suggests modesty.

In these verses the Lord's message is that it doesn't matter what they offer to him that is not what he desires from them/us.  I look at it like when we try to do "good works” we are doing it for the Glory of God but I often know it leads me down a path towards the Glory of Me.  He is sharing with us really what leads us to his path and it is in the more quiet moments of our heart. 

In the moments when we don't want to do the JUSTLY thing because it does not benefit us or those closest to us.  It means loving MERCY even when you feel fully justified in not showing mercy to someone who has wronged us.  The last piece is to WALK HUMBLY with the Lord.  Not with false modesty or boldly alone but humbly with God.  These are hard, and they are also things that are quiet and the only ones who really know if we are living these out is God and ourselves. 

How different that is than what the world urges us to do. How might we be judged if we lived them out?  Man, that convicts me! To remember how quietly we are to live out his words. How by doing this our actions should separate us from the world but in a space that will not glorify us for that separation.  In the small moments where no one knows our thoughts and actions.

For me, this shirt is a physical representation of what we are to have on our hearts.  A reminder of our Lord's desires and reprimands on us all.  Seek Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly.....

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Becky Koch - CTC Staff Member

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