Be Salty!

Have you ever had someone respond to an email you sent out with a very serious “are you insane”?  How about an old friend mysteriously stop talking to you over an unknown offense?  Have you been cancelled by someone because you stood on different sides of an issue and they refused to have a conversation with you?


All of these have happened to me just in the past several months.

This is the world we live in.  I’m not sure whether it’s sad or encouraging, but we most definitely have a unique opportunity to “be salty”, it’s time to preserve while adding flavor and value.  We cannot control others, but we can live in a way that creates conversation and conveys self-discipline, humility, and grace.


Matthew 5: 13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."


What does salt do?


Preserve - For centuries, salt has been used to preserve in many ways.  It sustains and reminds us of God’s faithfulness to us.  How can our words and actions preserve God’s word and spread His truth in this pivotal time?


Flavor - We know that salt enhances the flavor of food, but what does God’s Word mean when we are told to “be the salt”?  

Salt releases the natural flavors of foods by breaking down the cell walls of food and allowing us to experience them more fully.  As His followers, we are called to enhance the world around us and reveal God’s truth and grace as we live, work and play.  To BE Salty.


Add Value - Salt was a valuable mineral in Jesus’ day and was hard to come by.  It was not an inexpensive and expendable. His people are similar, and we must be reminded that we are ALL created in His image.


How do we live out our Saltiness?


Our presence and influence is designed to uplift and bring glory to Jesus, not to destroy or cancel others.  In living in His will, we become and share the beautiful design that He created.  What a gift!


Jesus is saying to us, his disciples, “You Are The Salt."  I see you and God sees you as precious.  You are valued. You are also what will preserve this world.  You should be a preserving influence on your culture.  Without your Godly influence, this world would be spoiled.  Evil and disease would conquer but because with God and His people being the salt, we will preserve and bring goodness.”


So the question remains, what flavor are you leaving in the mouth of others when they interact with you?  Are you sharing truth wrapped in love and grace and intention or are you spewing words unchecked?  Are you responding with humility or with pride?  Are you seeking to share truth or be right? Are you willing to have conversations, or do you cancel those with opposing views?


We won’t get this right all the time and there is abundant grace and mercy for that, but we can’t take our calling lightly.  


Let’s Be Salty.


Emily Saunders - Keeper







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