Be Strong & Do The Work!

"Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be Strong and do the work."


1 Chronicles 28:10


In this chapter of Scripture we find David getting ready to share instructors for building the temple with his son, Solomon. 

 I love that in verse 9 before David ever gives any instructions he says, “And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and a willing mind…” 

Before David ever began talking about the HOW of the work Solomon was being given, he focused on the WHY behind it. He focused on the POWER behind it. See, David tells of the importance of having relationship with the Lord. Not just to know ABOUT Him, but to KNOW Him. I love that the word used in this translation was INTIMATELY. To know someone intimately requires relationship. It’s deeper than knowing facts or knowing historical context. This is relationship and I believe that David knew it’s the only place that is worth working from. 

David tells Solomon to stop and consider that he has been chosen by the God of the Universe to be the one to build the temple. He commissions him for the task ahead and he tells him to be STRONG (Hebrew word used here meant: to strengthen, prevail, become strong ) and DO THE WORK (Hebrew word meant: to act, to labor, to do or make, to accomplish, to advance). 

Although we weren’t living when these verses were written, I believe it is still applicable for us today, and I believe they are words we should pay attention to today:

The Lord HAS also chosen you so BE STRONG and DO THE WORK

1- We have each been called and commissioned by God for work. We’ve each been given tasks to do. Every day, every hour, every moment full with purpose. It might look like a 9-5 job, raising children, taking care of aging parents, driving carpool, or a host of other things, but we’ve been commissioned and set on mission each day to MAKE HIM KNOWN. (Matt 28:19-20)


2- Just as Solomon was charged with building the temple, because we now live having the Holy Spirit inside of us as redeemed believers, we have become the temple. We have the choice each and every day of how we will choose to build it. We’re commissioned to strengthen it and to do the work we’ve been given. 
A temple is where the people went to meet with God and when Christ redeemed each of us and sent the gift of the Holy Spirit- we literally became the temple. That means that YOUR VERY BODY is the worship vehicle you’ve been given in which you get to make him known. 

3- Knowing God intimately will propel and sustain us into the work we’ve been given. Nothing else will satisfy. Outside of relationship with Him it’s all just striving, hustling, performing, and trying to earn our worth. 

Just as David told Solomon know Him intimately and to worship with his whole heart and mind, I encourage you to do the same today. With your very self- your mind, your heart, and yes, even your body, BE STRONG and DO THE WORK. 

And here’s the best part- you don’t have to be strong on your own- we get to rely on His power to accomplish the tasks He’s called us to do. Bottom line: Strength given is for service not for status and we can offer up all that we have to be used by Him for His glory and for His purposes. 


Today, BE STRONG and DO THE WORK you’ve been called to. It matters.


Kara R. Osborne ~ CTC Influencer


Kara is a relentless encourager and cheerleader who wants to see women walk forward in their God-given design and calling. She is a wife, mom, former school counselor, speaker, social media evangelist, and fitness teacher Gospel preacher. She spends her days teaching fitness classes, leading an online membership community called the At-Home Tribe, recording episodes for her podcast "In It With You", serving her family, and cheering on others to step forward and obey God in the things He's called them to. 

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