Because My Body is a Temple Circuit

"Our bodies are a wonderful gift from God," says this weeks featured circuit creator, Heather Blackmon of FITaspire, "keeping it healthy and strong is a great way to honor what we've been blessed with. I created this full body, strength workout to help you honor that gift"!

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My Body is a Temple Circuit:

Warm up for 5-10 minute before beginning the circuit.

Complete 12 reps of each exercise in the order listed, with no rest between exercises -- that counts as 1 circuit. After completing 1 circuit, rest for 45-90 seconds. Repeat for a total of 3-4 sets for a complete workout. Use weights that are challenging to lift by the last few rep, but that you can lift with good form.


Forward Lunge with Bicep Curl. Stand with feet shoulder distance apart, holding dumbbells by your side. Keep your core tight through all phases of this movement. Lunge forward on one leg - Make sure your knee does not pass in front of your foot during the movement.As you bring your back foot forward to return to the start position, curl your arms to your shoulder to complete a bicep curl. Repeat with the oppose leg lunging forward, for a total of 12 reps (6 on each leg).


Close Grip Bench Press. Lie face-up on a bench, holding barbell directly above your shoulders and arms tucked next to your side. Press barbell straight up and return to starting position. Repeat for a total of 12 reps.


Upright Row to Military Press. Stand with feet shoulder distance apart, holding dumbbells by your side. Keep your core tight through all phases of this movement. Pull dumbbell straight up along your body, until your hands are next to your chest with your palms facing back. Flip your hands up, so your palms are facing forward and your arms are slightly wider than your shoulders. Press dumbbells straight up with your arms almost fully extended. Reverse the process until your arms are back next to your side. Repeat for a total of 12 reps.


Bent Over Row. Stand with fee shoulder distance apart with barbell on the floor in front of you. Bend over and grasp bar with hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Raise bar with a straight back and strong core, until your back is at a 45 degree angle. Holding this position, pull bar toward chest and lower. Repeat for a total of 12 reps. 

A little about Heather: Heather Blackmon is an athlete and coach with over 14 years of experience in running and over 10 years in triathlon/duathlon. With a background in dance, she started running with the goal to complete a 5K, but quickly took to the sport and completed her first marathon just a year later. After several years of running, she expanded her experience to include triathlons and duathlons, progressing to complete Ironman Austria in 2011. To further round out her experience, she shifted focus to the gym in 2013 and has competed in the bikini division at NPC & WBFF competitions. Heather holds a personal training certification from NASM, as well as triathlon and running certifications from USAT and USATF, respectively.

Heather's Statement of Faith: Jesus is my Lord and Savior! He died for my sins, so that I could have eternal life through Him! He is my strength and my shield.

We love Heather's inspiration to be fit to reach your dreams, whatever they may be! Thank you, Heather!

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