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"As a mom of two little girls, it is important for me to teach them that they are daughters of God. I want them to know they are beautiful just the way they are. I want to set an example to them of honoring the body God has given me by keeping my body and mind healthy and strong" , says this weeks featured circuit provider, Samantha Nielsen of, The Flip Out Fam, from Salt Lake City, UT.

You will need:

A playground

BeYOUtiful Playground Circuit:

After a 3-5 min warm-up (walking, jogging or chasing your kids around the playground will work) complete the following circuit. Complete all 4 exercises then take a 30-60 second rest. Repeat circuit 3-4 times.


Incline Tricep Push-ups.

Perform 10 push-ups with your hands placed on a raised surface such as the bottom of a slide or step. As you lower into your push-up, keep arms close to your body, with elbows bending parallel, brushing your sides to target your triceps. Keep your core tight and strong. 


Hanging bent leg raises.

Using monkey bars, or something similar and secure, hang from the bars with your legs extended. Bend your legs and bring your knees to your chest. Lower your legs back down. Repeat 10 times. Perform these slow and controlled. For more of a challenge, try this with straight legs and try to get your toes to the bar. 


    Step-Ups (both legs).

    Using a step, bench or anything similar, step up onto the surface with one leg. Try to hold your balance at the top and then return to your starting position. Complete 10 steps on the same leg before moving to the other leg. 



    Body Weight Rows.

    Find a bar, or something similar, to hold onto that is low enough that you can lean back as pictured above, with your feet on the ground. Use the strength in your arms and back to pull your chest up towards the bar. Repeat 10 times. Don’t let your shoulders creep up to your ears. You can change the difficulty of the exercise by adjusting how much you use your legs to help you up. For example, legs straightened out in front of you will be more difficult than legs bent with your feet under you. 


    A little about Samantha: Samantha, who is a NASM certified personal trainer, says, "My favorite workouts are to create ones that can be done with little or no equipment while at the park with my children. I feel there are many moms like me that feel they have little time to workout, or not enough money to go to a gym. With a playground/park workout, you can be with your kids and be getting in a great workout at the same time! I think it's important for me to set an example to my children about being strong and healthy physically, as well as spiritually". 

    Samantha's Statement of Faith: I have a testimony that Jesus is God's son. I know that because of the Atonement, he felt every pain and sorrow that we all have or will feel. Because of him, we can be forgiven of our sins and return to live with God one day. Because of him, we can feel peace, joy and comfort when times are hard. I know that he loves all of God's children. I am grateful for his teachings and for his example. I try each day to be more like Him.

    Right on, Samantha!

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