Boots BeYOUtiful Circuit

This week's featured circuit is brought to you by Shari BOOTS Johnston. We hope you find this as encouraging as we did!

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

~ Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

We are going to get a little personal here…

I’m Boots and I am 6 feet tall.

I’ve always been taller than my teachers, always taller than the boys, always trying to shrink down so I wouldn’t be so noticeable. I hated action shots from playing sports because I would see my round shoulders and the effects my desire to hide had on my posture. I felt awkward and alone-no one else knew what it was like to stand out in a crowd, right?! And here I am, years later, having much improved on my posture, yet still having days when I don’t feel pretty or I want to hide because I am always asked how tall I really am?! Yet Jesus holds my hand and whispers, “It’s okay. My Father made you.” It is in this moment that I realize all the negativity associated with how tall I am doesn’t reflect the truth as stated in Genesis 1:27, “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” You see, God is so loving and creative that He created us in His image and was involved in our growth from the very beginning (Psalm 139:13). Whenever WE choose to listen to the negative, WE choose to let it win rather than allowing OUR LORD to rule over us, in us, and through us. Do I still struggle, yes, but when the thoughts enter my head, I pray and asked the Lord to help break the cycle and allow me to realize that my beauty is in Him. So whether you are 6 feet tall or 5 feet tall, stand tall, allow the Lord to grace you with His presence and see you are BeYOUtiful!"

This circuit focuses on postural stretching and strengthening.

Here’s what you’ll need:

yoga mat


Supermans: Lift your chest, upper body and legs from your mat. Hold them high! Hold for 15 seconds, repeat 5 times. Does it feel like you are soaring?

Then try lifting and lowering the opposite arm and leg (right arm & left leg…left arm & right leg) hold for 15 seconds and switch. You are going to do this 5 times for each pair.


Swimmers: These are just like supermans but it is all upper body. You’ll move your arms forward and backwards as if you are swimming. Perform this for a count of 15, relax and repeat for a total of 5 times.


Plank & Plank Rows: I love planks! Hold that core tight- try to imagine a blueberry between your belly button and your spine and you are squeezing it together. Be long and tall. Hold this for 1 minute. Then grab those weights! Go back into your plank position. With the weight in one hand, bend your elbow and bring the weight up your side and lower. Repeat with opposite arm. Keep this movement going for 1 minute on each side if you can!! You can do it!


Cat and Cow Stretch: Drop to all fours. Arch through the lower back and hold for 30 seconds. Alternate rounding through your lower back and hold for 30 seconds while taking deep breaths.


A little about Boots: Boots is a certified athletic trainer who loves creating workouts that can be used as a focused time of prayer and breathing.

Boots' statement of faith: I believe that Jesus came to earth as a baby to grow up and die on the cross for my sins. By His wounds we are healed and saved. I believe that we are called to share our faith and sometimes that means using words because people should see our faith in our actions. I believe that once we confess our sins, we are born again and are called to share and spread the gospel of Christ!

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