My Body is a Temple: Total Body Compound Strength Training Circuit

Summer is here and we’ve got an awesome circuit for you this week, thanks to former Miss Virginia, Rosemary Ferrera from Soul Strong Fitness. Give this strength training circuit a try and be sure to share with us by tagging @rosemaryferrera and @crosstrainingcouture on Instagram!

Rosemary says, “I love to use combination exercises with my personal training clients because they are efficient and powerful! Combining multiple muscle groups in each exercise recruits more muscle fibers than isolated movements do, and reduces the amount of time needed to spend in the gym. This circuit is meant to build strength and muscle endurance in your lower body, arms, shoulders, and back.” Rock on!!


You will need:

Set of dumbbells

“My Body is a Temple”: Total Body Compound Strength Training Circuit 

Perform all 4 Exercises, 3 times through.

Forward Lunge into Bicep Curl

6 repetitions on each leg, for 12 total curls.

When you step forward for your lunge, be sure your stride length is long enough so that your front knee does not bend over your toes. Try to keep your knee in line with your ankle and your hips square. Sink your backside straight down. Push through the front heel to step that leg back to standing position, and then curl your dumbbells from extended to even with your shoulders and back down. Then lunge your opposite foot forward, back, and into the curls again. Repeat.



Side Lunge into Shoulder Raise

6 repetitions on each leg, for 12 total shoulder raises.

The side lunge works the mainly the glutes, quadriceps, and adductors. Step to the side extending the opposite leg. Once you step back together raise the dumbbells straight out to the side about even with your shoulders, and slowly lower back down. Repeat again on the other side.



Squat into Shoulder Press

12 repetitions


Sit down and back like you’re sitting in a chair, and keep your chest up. Try to get your legs close to a 90 degree angle without your knees going over your toes. Squeeze through the glutes to stand back up and then press the dumbbells straight up overhead.

Curtsy Lunge into Row


6 repetitions on each leg, for 12 total rows.

This is a variation on the forward lunge. When you step backward with your left foot, move it across to the right. Lower your body down until your thigh is nearly parallel to the ground. Pull the dumbbells in toward the rib cage, sending the bent elbows behind you and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Step back foot back in. 

A little about Rosemary: Rosemary is a certified personal and group exercise trainer. She is the former Miss Virginia and lives in the greater Washington DC area. Rosemary talks about her journey to health and wellness and states that, "It starts from the inside out. Each time I fell, I learned how to grow through it and pray through it, and got closer to a more complete view of what wellness should be".

Rosemary's statement of faith: Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, fully God and fully man. He was the only begotten Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, sent to dwell among us to bridge the gap and give the Word of God flesh. He is Emmanuel, our Savior, our spotless Lamb, our Shepard, High Priest, King of Kings, and our ultimate sacrifice. He taught, healed, forgave, loved, and died on the cross for the sins of the world, and rose again to new life. He ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father, yet He still lives in the hearts of His faithful today. Jesus saves us from the bondage of sin and makes us a new creation to live eternally.

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