Rise Up Challenge Circuit

This weeks featured circuit is brought to you by Erin Bremer from Bremer Total Training (be sure to check out her blog here!). Erin speaks truth when she say, "Too often we let ourselves live in a comfortable “workout box”- we do the things we know how to do, the things we know we are good at the things that we have done time and time again. Challenge yourself to “rise up, take courage and do it!”

Rise Up Challenge Circuit-

You will need:

A 20” box or sturdy chair, a pull-up bar, and a wall

Rep Scheme-

1 minute of work, 30 seconds of rest- 4 rounds total. Complete all 4 rounds at each station before moving to next station.






1.Box Jump or Step- Up

Benefit- Build strength and explosive power in glutes, quads and calves.

Stand in front of a 20" box or sturdy chair. Jump both feet to the top of the box and stand all the way up, opening your hips at the top. Either step down or jump back down, landing softly on the balls of your feet.


Modification- Step your right foot to the top of the box, followed by the left and open your hips at the top. Perform one set of 10 on the right foot, and one set of ten stepping with the left foot.



2. Pull-up or Jumping pull-up

Benefit- Strengthens upper back, shoulders and forearms.

Stand with hands firmly wrapped around a sturdy pull-up bar. Starting from a dead hang, pull your chin over the bar then slowly release down to the bottom of the movement.


Modification- Stand with feet on 12-16” box (determine correct height by standing on the box and raising arms straight up in front of the bar. If wrists are in line with the bar, the box height is correct. If forearms are in line with the bar, box is too high, adjust accordingly), and hands securely on the bar. Bend knees to dip down under the bar, then explode with legs and pull with the upper back to raise chin over the bar. Softly land back on the box and repeat.













3.Tricep Box dips

Benefit- Strengthen the triceps, rhomboids, and posterior deltoids

Begin by placing both hands on the box or sturdy chair with fingertips pointing towards the extended legs. Relax the shoulders away from the ears and bend at the elbows, lowering until the shoulders are in line with the elbows. Press back up to starting position while engaging tricep and holding core in tight.


Modification- Place hands on the box with fingertips pointing towards the toes, only keep knees bent and hip close to the box. The more the knees bend, the less weight will be in the hands. Lower down and up in a smooth and controlled motion.







4.Handstand Hold

Benefit- Strengthens shoulders and decompresses spine

Begin with arms over head and feet in a modified lunge position. In one smooth motion, place hands down on the ground in front of a sturdy wall and kick feet up, landing softly against the wall. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Lift out of the shoulder girdle by pressing hands down to the floor and and lengthening the spine.




Modification- Start with one foot on the ground and one foot on the box and hands on the ground. Tuck the toes underneath and lift the hips up to the ceiling, feeling the weight shift into the shoulders. Lift out of the shoulder girdle by pressing hands into the ground and lengthening through the spine. Hold for 10-30 seconds then lower the feet back to the ground, one at a time.

A little about Erin:

Erin is a certified personal trainer and has taught group exercise for over 15 years. She's taught everything from strength and plyometrics, to pilates and yoga. She loves all types of movement and has recently found the world of Crossfit. She believes blending multiple modalities of training not only challenges our bodies, spirits, and minds but it also makes us more well rounded individuals!

Erin's statement of faith:

"Jesus came and rescued me as a teenage girl when I only looked to my appearance and opinions of others for my worth. He came and set this prisoner free! I trust Jesus with my whole heart and soul and know that He is the provider of all freedom, grace, and mercy. He is the one who renews me daily and gives me courage and boldness to be a strong, brave, and spirit filled woman!"

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