Even in Uncertainty SPRING still Comes!

Spring is Here!

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of Spring and at CTC we are excited to release our neons and warm weather designs in the coming weeks (starting Monday)!


As I prayed while running outside this morning, I was reminded of all the new sounds.  The birds, squirrels, and all kinds of creatures nested and scurried while I admired new flowers and tree buds. God’s creation is coming alive in this season, even as our day to day lives might feel like turmoil.


I am reminded, that our Savior is omnipotent.  He is omniscient. He is all powerful and all knowing!  Nothing that happens in this fallen world is a surprise for Him. 

As my family has adjusted to our temporary normal during these times, we are choosing to praise Him in the storm and to fully trust rather than fear.  Sister, this is your time to be a shining city on the hill! 


I’m reminded of Esther during times of uncertainty, where circumstances seem bleak. We do not know what tomorrow brings, but we know that He is in control.  Like Esther, we can rest assured that we were MADE for this time. We are His disciples. What great opportunity to share our faith and to encourage our communities!


As a Christ followers, we are not merely fans of Jesus.  We are his followers and his students. Our relationship goes beyond belief, but deeper into transformation.  This is a time to declare that and live it fervently.


May we be the Church!  Encouraging, praying, studying, and rising above the fear and hysteria that seems to be creeping in from all directions.  Be the solid voice in the middle of the storm! Help others to understand that your faith in Jesus, rests not on circumstances, but in the fact that He suffered for it all.  That no matter what happens to these feeble earthly bodies, there is glory on the other side.


The message of Jesus doesn’t depend on circumstances and there is nothing too big for Him to handle. His plans will always prevail, and they are always perfect!


We love you and are praying for you and yours!  We look forward to our NEW release on Monday, sending our 5K participants their shirts next week, and the April cling will be coming VERY soon to our Truth Tribe Members!


In Him Always,

Keeper of CTC



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