Fight The Fight. Finish The Race. Keep The Faith.

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

2 Timothy 4:7

Paul is so wise.  He’s definitely my favorite Bible character (besides Jesus of course).  I sometimes dream about what it would be like to sit down and have a conversation with him.  I know strange!

His transformation was a remarkable miracle, but more so I consider how God used all of him, even the old not so great stuff, to further His kingdom.  All of Paul’s life from his pedigree to his education and ability to speak many languages was used for His good throughout his missionary journeys.

Paul was sold out to Jesus.  He fought and pressed and poured out everything that he had, no matter the obstacle, for the Gospel.  

We too are fighting.  The world is loud and tumultuous, but the fight we are fighting is worth it.  Much like our exercise plan, this truth we are fighting for is worth the struggle.  We are called to fight until the finish.  

Have you ever completed a challenging race or tough mudder type of competition?  Way back in the day, I regularly participated in ½ marathons.  At the end of the races I was both exhausted and exhilarated beyond belief.  Have you ever felt that way in your faith journey?  Both completely poured out and filled up at the same time?  

That is our goal.  That’s how God wants us to finish.  Fighting with and for Him.  And how do we do this?  Only by keeping the faith.  Notice the word THE.  Paul doesn’t talk about “a faith” or even just “faith”.  He talks about THE FAITH.  Singular.  The only truth and only one that keeps us going.  Jesus!

Let’s not forget that both fighting and racing are physically uncomfortable activities that require both courage and stamina.  I’m reminded that the faith doesn’t grow from a place of ease or comfort.  Ease often leads to stagnation.

I find it important to check myself regularly and consider my comfort level.  What am I fighting and racing for?  What is capturing my energy and attention?  Do I need to refocus my efforts to stay uncomfortable?  

Sisters, keep fighting and racing, not by yourself, but as the Church.  Hand in hand with the power of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of the great faith!


Emily Saunders - Keeper







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