Hustle Not Grind

There is a push to hustle.  Current culture says:  if you are not “on your grind”, you aren’t making things happen.”  


The only problem with “making things happen” is… results are up to God.


Many plans are in a man’s mind, But it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand (be carried out). Proverbs 19:21 AMP


Our “heart hustle” is the delicate balancing act between hard work and trusting God.


I know what hustling looks like. It is emails, deadlines, quotas, and Microsoft Teams notifications at work.  But it is also social media checking, calendar arranging, and planning ways to be more successful.


There is nothing wrong with walking in our purpose and striving towards God given goals.  But I often become laser focused on having things MY way. 


When things don’t look like they are going the way I hoped and prayed they would, I feel the urge to do something.  This is where the heart hustle lives.


The heart hustle is grinding AND trusting.


Grinding is on display all around us but what does it look like to trust God?  Jordan Raynor said it best when he wrote:  “One of the best indicators of trusting God is whether or not we are at rest".


God, the Master, The Holy of Israel, has this solemn counsel: “Your salvation requires you to turn back to me-- and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me—The very thing you’ve been unwilling to do. Isaiah 30:15 (The Message)


Wow. Our strength is in settling down and quietly trusting God…but we are unwilling!


When we hustle more than we trust God, we become frustrated, overwhelmed, bitter, and impulsive.


Trusting God means doing our part then stepping away from attempting to drive the results.  


This means, we stop manipulating people or situations towards the outcomes we are attached to.


The heart hustle is knowing God is in control and trusting He has our best interests at heart despite what it looks like.


The heart hustle is remembering God’s track record so we can "go somewhere and sat down” (as my Grandma used to say).


We can turn back and enter God’s rest by grace.


We don’t have to perform.


What areas of your life do you need to balance hustling and trusting?


Katina Boyd - CTC Influencer


Katina is a wife, mom, Clinical Pharmacist and lover of home décor. She inspires women to design spaces and lives they love.

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  • Christine Austin: July 28, 2021

    Hi Katina,

    Your message inspires me. I’d just like to know how to live this out in our culture. Im hoping that you will share more on this topic.

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