Is FITNESS Your Witness?

I’ve grown up going to church my whole life. I’ve known the stories of the Bible, most of the main players and the overall gist of the message.


But it wasn’t until last year that the Bible came to life for me and I was shown WHO Jesus is and how to really know Him, not just about Him.


My entire world changed when I found healing in Christ! I always knew that He has taken on my sins but what I didn’t know is that He has taken on my brokenness, my hurt, my heartbreak. He fills in the gaps everywhere I fall short.


The amount of confidence I’ve found in that knowledge has propelled me forward in all areas of my life. It allowed me to know who I am in Christ and know that I am enough in him.


In my newfound confidence I finally took the plunge to pursue my dream of becoming a health coach. I love that I am able to help other women learn how to fuel their body for their goals.


For me, “Fitness is My Witness” means I am able to use my time, talents and treasures to glorify God in all that I do. I am able to use my platform to educate women how to nourish their body physically and spiritually. 


Blair Nail - CTC Influencer


Blair is a wife and mother of 2, Hadley and Dax. 4 years ago she found a passion for fitness and nutrition and hasn't looked back. In 2020, God opened a path for her to begin her own health coaching business where she began showing women how to find freedom in their food. You can find her on instagram where she share tips, tricks, recipes and more.


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