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"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?"

1 Corinthians 6:19

Have you ever felt off? Like you are doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. (That’s the definition of insanity). 


I was spinning my wheels. I followed work out program after work out program and continued to maintain my weight at a comfortable ‘enough’ weight for myself. But I felt off. I was putting so much effort into lifting and pushing myself physically and I wasn’t seeing results.


I decided to slow down. I’ve always been an athlete. I have always pursued some type of athletic goal. Whether it be getting in shape for college soccer, training for a half marathon, pushing myself in a Crossfit gym or doing at home Beachbody workouts. I’ve done it all! Even the traditional gym! I have hit goals and maintained a level of athleticism I was proud of. 


I knew I needed a change. A break from what turned into the mundane. Get up, lift, cardio, lift, repeat. Oh and eat easy meals for a family of 5. Pancakes, pizza, mac and cheese, and throw in some veggies and fruit to make myself cancel out the other stuff.


Quarantine hit, I’m coming up on my 40th birthday in January and I am 2 years postpartum. I decided to make a change! I decided to slow down and really dial in on my nutrition. Really what time better than being at home, and being able to make all of your meals there and not have to transport back and forth from work.


I embarked on a 21 day reset and haven’t looked back. I drank soooo much water. I ate a lot of fruits and veggies! I never felt deprived. I loved the process! (Well not the first couple days of detoxing caffeine and sugar but the rest!) I was confident, determined and motivated for change. I did some yoga and walked with my husband 2 miles almost every day.  


It was amazing! Clothes started fitting again!! I put on shirts that I didn’t feel comfortable in last summer and now they are baggy on me! I no longer feel off. I did strictly yoga for 3 weeks after and then a Barre program. I dug into the word more than ever, prayed consistently, kept Jesus at the center when I felt like straying off the plan.  It helped me so much mentally to not feel stressed to lift heavier, do more, etc.  It’s so freeing to have dropped 11 pounds and to maintain.  I’m happy, confident, and just feel so much better mentally. I no longer feel ‘off’.  


Fueling your body properly is a real thing. I pray that you find what works for you. I don’t eat dairy, only a little sugar, and not much meat or even grain.  Eating this way makes me feel like myself. If you want to try the reset like I did, you can reach out to me.  


In this new ever-changing world, I have found that continuing to keep Jesus at the center and my wellness goals in sight has been the best thing I could have done for myself.


Krissy Parsons - CTC Influencer
Krissy is from Rochester, NY. She is a happy wife to Rob (2 years), blessed bonus mama to Robby (8) and Laelynn (5) and is the loving mommy to Jax (2).
She works full time in the corporate world of insurance and loves her career. She loves to encourage other women to pursue the Lord and to take care of themselves! She has a passion for soccer, as she played in college (Charleston Southern University). She loves to kick a soccer ball around with her kids and include them in her daily at home workouts! One of her favorite places to go with her husband is Boston, MA. They both love history and the Boston Red Sox!
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