Reflections on 2020

There is something beautiful in collaboration.  Here at CTC we are a team that has had many obstacles to overcome this year (like everyone) and we have found how much better we are when we stand together to face them.  A really cool thing has happened our team has grown even closer as we have navigated this unusual and difficult time together.  We are all laser focused on sharing God’s truth in a fun and uplifting way.  While still sharing honest truths with you too.  In this holiday season though we wanted to focus on how we have seen God's hand in this moment.


So here are our shares of GOODNESS in this season.


“Being intentional about gratitude isn't new for me I hate to say.  I often find myself getting caught up in everyday life and being more attentive to the areas that seem to need my immediate attention, the squeaky wheels.  I am sure of God's goodness, but was struck recently while working through the Angie Smith study, Matchless, of Jesus' choice to come to earth as an infant.  In His goodness and wisdom He came as a baby when He could have come in an infinite number of other ways.  He lived as a child, a teenager, a man among us, loving us and experiencing all that we experience.  So while I am thankful for much, my eyes are fixed on His goodness and I will look upon Jesus as an infant with more gratitude than ever before.”

Taryn McGarry - Social Strategist


Gifts can sometimes be wrapped in difficult packages and 2020 has supplied plenty of those!  As I look back on this year I am truly grateful.  While circumstances have not always been of my preference, it’s been a time of great pruning.  Both personally and in my relationships, God has cut some comforts and people away, perhaps that I valued for the wrong reasons, and in turn provided me with growth in places I didn’t know I needed it.  I have made new friends… real friends AND other relationships are flourishing.  Sometimes when we’re diving into the hard stuff and we’re stripped from “busy” we find great blessings in community.  I’m so grateful for sweet moments and the people that God’s been using to refine me.  I’ve also been able to tangibly see and feel God working in our church in ways I would never imagine during “these times” and it gives me great hope as He grows and strengthens His Church despite circumstances.” 

Emily Saunders - Keeper


“I have found this year to be a swinging of emotions.  Good, bad, and frustrating days all mashed together more than normal.  Yet, as I really started to spend more time in my Bible I began to find the swirling around starting to stop.  My focus became more clear and so did my gratitude.  I love the reminder that this life is not meant to be one of ease and pampering.  We are guaranteed seasons of difficulty yet he is with us.  I found with having a focused foundation of God, my husband and kids that this season can be beautiful in a very different way.  If I was to simplify what I am grateful for the most it is the reminder that what is truly important is the simple, impactful and quiet moments.  We can get so caught up with all the extra but when stripped away the things that will impact your life are often not those things.”

Becky Koch - Influencer Coordinator


"Shortly into 2020, I was faced with loss, grief, finality of a reality I had struggled with for years. This was ALL before worldly mandates that created a PAUSE. I at first asked ‘Why Me?!’ but my perspective quickly changed to ‘God USE me!’ Let me be a voice, let me be a vessel for others to see Your light! While 2020 has been tumultuous, it has been JUST what I NEEDED. Whew, THAT is hard to say. I NEEDED a PAUSE, I needed to step away from the ‘busy’ churning of culture. In my surrender, the pause has allowed me to begin to address my fears, find my voice to speak transparently about my challenges, I AM FREE. I am FREE in Him! My story, my truths, my broken is being used for His gain, for His glory! While this path of life has lead in a direction that I NEVER thought could be possible, He is making ALL things happen, I am reminded I am not in control, my story has already been written, all I am to do is lean in, love, and practice my obedience. He is faithful! I am blessed!"

Gena Hargis - Customer Care



We feel so honored that you share moments of your time with us and we love your passion for Truth on a Tank.  When you get dressed in the morning, you may not think of it like a ministry, but these shirts influence those around you.  It is a small yet impactful way to be part of God's ministry and we are proud to help you minister!



CTC Team




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