Take Courage in ALL Times!

"Take Courage", how comforting are those words.
I'd like to tell you that as Christians we will have it easy.  I'd like to tell you that surrender equals a future with clear skies and easy sailing, but you know I can't. 
And spoiler, not only are we not promised easy, we are promised struggle and persecution.   Maybe you have felt some of, or a lot of, that struggle over the past year and a half?  Those times can feel lonely and isolating, desperate and hopeless.  Sisters, we aren't alone.  We aren't hopeless.  
Jesus' words of "take courage" have given us an amazing gift.  He is telling us we are NEVER alone, we are NEVER without hope because He is victorious and we are conquerors because of it. 
Though our path to eternity with him will be paved with challenges, He will be by our side through them all.  He wants our burdens because they aren't a burden to Him.  Cast them on Him and take courage in the knowledge that He is there and He is working for our good.



Make sure to tune in to our Keeper, Emily Saunders podcast with her husband Dr. Wiggy very appropriately named Healthy Discourse.  Check out an episode which ties in beautifully to our Take Courage message.  They address an issue that is running rampant in our culture today. 
Tune in to the episode titled, "When Conflict and Cancellation Strike.






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