The Prodigal Son...Stories of Being Lost & Found!

"For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. So they began to celebrate."

Luke 15:24

The Prodigal Son.

When I was younger, this story drove me crazy. You see... I'm the "good kid". Good grades, rule follower, always trying to do the right thing.
So, the story of the prodigal son made me a little bitter, angry and annoyed.
Why should the one who messed up be rewarded?
Why? When I'm over here busting my tail and sacrificing, yet I've never been treated that awesomely?
Prideful much?
As embarrassing as that is to share, God totally, graciously, and lovingly showed me that I actually identified with the prodigal... so much more so than the older one.
You see, I think I know best. I want things. I plan for them. I go after them, get them, and inevitably fall flat on my face.
I've done it more times than I can count. I could share a specific story with you, but the truth is I don't know which one to pick and all of them are quite humbling.
Left to my own devices, I crash and burn. Sure, for a while things in my little kingdom seem great, but really, they are empty and I am left more broken and ashamed than ever.
You would think that would send me running for the loving arms of Jesus, but the truth is that in my shame, I try to put the pieces back together myself. And as we all know, eventually that fails too.
That is until God steps in and gives me the grace to return.
The grace to say "I messed up. Again. Please forgive me."
The grace to know that I need Him. Much, much more than I ever realized.
And the best part is that when I fall flat on my face before Him, usually covered in tears (and a little snot)...
He runs to me.
He hugs me.
He loves me so tenderly and fiercely.
And not only does He forgive me, He doesn't even lecture me or yell at me.
Instead, He celebrates me.
His daughter, who is marred by sin, is still His cherished daughter.
He whispers "Daughter, you are loved'.
He whispers it over and over again, until I begin to believe it.
This girl who doesn't deserve it.
This girl who ran from Him.
This girl who will do it again if given half the chance.
He celebrates my return.
His prodigal daughter "was LOST and is FOUND!"
Praise God!
Natalie Eskew - CTC Influencer
Natalie is a wife and mother to two girls (3+ and 5) and they are soon to become a foster family. Her life hasn’t turned out anything like she imagined. She started following Jesus
6 years ago + it has been a story of change. The jobs may change, but the priorities do not. God, family, others. Using her spiritual gifts of encouragement, discernment, and teaching, God has placed her in varying leadership positions. Her social media course, Your Story HIS Glory, teaches everyone how to use what God is doing in their life to point others to Jesus. She is a mentor in her direct sales company and her focus is Jesus over the world. She has been a personal trainer for 8 years and now also homeschool her girls. At the end of the day, she really tries to remember that this world fades, but God’s Glory is eternal.
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