Why You Don't Need to be An Expert

I'm not a fitness expert, not a trainer.  I'm just a homeschool mom to 3 boys with a billion balls in the air praying that they don't all come down on me at once.⁣

So, how is fitness MY witness?  Good question.  ⁣

I wish I could tell you that fitness is my witness because I once obsessed about my body and I am now free of those thoughts, but it is actually the opposite.  I struggle everyday to not make the mirror an idol in my life, to not pick apart this body that God created. 

 It's a struggle that I may always have, but when I remind myself that I am making healthy choices as a celebration of God's creation and not a punishment for my choices, my focus shifts.  The shift may be temporary and needed over and over again, but God is good and He is faithful in those reminders.⁣

 My approach to fitness will be a witness to my children, who surround me as I workout and make healthy choices for myself and the family.  I pray that they will learn that prioritizing their health is a blessing that we can use to worship God who took such time and care in creating us in His image. 
So crank up that worship music, kick your sweat session off with prayer and make fitness a witness to not just those who surround you, but to yourself as well.  No training certificate necessary. 
Taryn McGarry - CTC Staff Member







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