Take Courage Split-Side Flowy Tank

Take Courage Split-Side Flowy Tank

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Take Courage!  It's written just a few times in the new testament as a strong but encouraging command.  Here in Mark 6, we find the disciples in the middle of a storm when they spot Jesus.  Thinking He is a ghost they become even more afraid.  Right there in the storm (and just after the feeding of the 5,000), He commands that they "take courage" because HE is there.  

How often do we waiver and cower or doubt in our circumstances?  Perhaps today we need to be reminded to Take Courage, even in the storm, even in the fear and be reminded that HE IS THERE! He is our encouragement, He is the joy, and He is always working!

This split side black tank is perfect for workouts (we love this tank with high waisted leggings) as well as your favorite white shorts or jeans!  A perfect Summer staple.  This design is extra flowy so some enjoy sizing down.