Justified Hoodie

Justified Hoodie

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Romans 5:1 NIV: "Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

The world tells us that we are justified in ourselves.  That our own truth is what matters and that the good things that we do help us earn justification.

That's not what the Bible teaches us!

Romans 5 begins a new section of Paul's letter to the Christians in Rome. He has finished his argument that nobody can be made right with God by following the works of the law of Moses. This "justification" is impossible by works, because nobody follows the law well, let alone perfectly (Romans 3:10, 23). Human beings can only be declared righteous and escape God's judgment on our sin by faith in what He has done for us through Jesus' death, meant to pay for our sin, and His resurrection, which secures our justification (Romans 4:24–25).

Now Paul turns a corner, to describe what we have gained in being justified by faith. It's true that we have escaped the wrath of God, but being righteous before God means so much more than just not being punished for our sin.

As Christians, our status before God will never again be in doubt. Paul does not describe a process, or a future event. Eternal salvation is accomplished once, and forever, when a person comes to faith in Christ.

Paul begins by showing that those who have been justified in God's eyes have peace with God. Paul does not mean by this that we feel peaceful, that we experience no fear or anxiety. He means that we are right with God. We are at peace with God from now and through eternity. This is possible only "through our Lord Jesus Christ."

In Christ, God has made a permanent peace with us. And since He is the one who made it, it is peace that can never be lost.

What a gift that we are secure with Jesus without EVER having to earn anything!
This design is purposefully understated and gentle because of the incredibly humble heart necessary to fully embrace and declare God's perfect work in us!  This soft hoodie is an all time favorite for our customers.  Size up for a roomier fit if desired.