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Our Stories

Michelle Myers, Founder

A few years ago I was browsing an athletic store when I stopped to read through the racks of tanks and tees...

     "So I can look better than you."
     "Eat my dust."
     "Second place is first loser."

Curiosity got the best of me, so I kept reading through every shirt on the rack. After about 30 minutes, the verdict was in:

None of the shirts in the store represent why I work out.

I thought to myself,
    "Wouldn't it be awesome to have some super cute tanks with some of my favorite Scriptures that motivate me to be healthy?"

So I filed that thought away and prayed God would bring it to my mind when the time was right. In January of 2013, I knew it was the right time. I called my friend Stephanie, and she immediately went to work designing some clothes with the Scriptures & direction I gave her. The outcome was better than I envisioned. The line began with tanks, and over the next year, we expanded to add t-shirts, hoodies, hats & more.

Cross Training Couture is more than an inspirational fitness line. Each piece of clothing is prayed over before they are mailed out - not only for the one who will be wearing it, but that seeds of the Gospel will be planted in the hearts of those who see it.

We hope each person who purchases will embrace our company tagline as their own: Fitness Is My Witness.

Fight the Good Fight, Michelle

Emily Saunders, Keeper

I am so grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself as the Keeper of CTC!

What is a Keeper? As you know the heart of CTC is in the community and in God’s truth on a tank. It’s not about an individual person or self-promotion. My vision as the Keeper of CTC is to help spread the message of God’s grace while we sweat, chase children, and grocery shop. As a sisterhood, we have an important opportunity to share that stewarding our bodies is important, but so is doing it for the right reasons.

Like our founder Michelle, I struggled with disordered eating, over-exercise, and distorted body image for much of my teens and early 20s. I exercised too much, calorie counted and ran myself into the ground.

My first step to recovery was an introduction to the fitness/physique world and I believe it was God-driven. While it involved another form of obsession, it helped me learn to better nourish my body, and lifting weights gave me a new sense of strength....Finally I was exercising less and eating more and seeing results!

I competed as a fitness model for a few years before we simultaneously began planning to start a family and God convicted me that I was spending way too much time and energy focusing on my physique and not enough on the things that He had planned for me.

After my first son was born in 2013, I searched for a community that combined motherhood, faith, fitness and nutrition in a healthy way, but returned empty handed. I found my calling. As a brand new mom, I teamed up with Debbie Baisden, a newly widowed friend and trainer with 4 children. Momsanity was born. We put our hearts together and created a place for women who love Jesus to intertwine motherhood, fitness and nutrition.

The past 5 years have been life-changing. I’ve had incredible opportunities to watch God break chains of condemnation, obsession, eating-disorders, life-long obesity and so much more. I’ve watched lives change. Fitness became my witness. Not because of what I’m doing, but what God is doing.

Michelle and I connected at Narrow and she asked me to pray for her about the direction of CTC. Lo and behold, a month later we enjoyed an early Saturday morning coffee date and she asked me if I might be interested in taking the reins at CTC. I couldn’t believe that she would think of me to take on this great responsibility! What an honor to lead a movement of women who are seeking not only to wear, but to live out Truth boldly!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to join arms with Michelle and steer the ship that she has carefully constructed. Her influence will be prevalent and she’s not going away. She will play a significant role in CTC designs and will remain active in maintaining the heart of the brand we love.

In Him, Emily