Naos Hooded Tank

Naos Hooded Tank

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Naos is the Greek word meaning God's dwelling place or God's sanctuary.  God's word first uses the word to describe the physical temple of God, but later in 1 Corinthians we learn that after Jesus paid the ultimate price and sent the Holy Spirit that our bodies are now those temples.  What great news!  God's dwelling place is within us!

1 Corinthians 6:19 reminds us that we are not our own. Therefore, we become managers of this body, not the owners. Being one with Christ in spirit means you are one with Him inside your body. This beautiful, good, extension of you was His idea. 

"The more we become one with the Father in our soul and relationship with Him, the more we become one within ourselves. You will no longer be at war with yourself or trying to beat your body into submission for something better or younger. 

It's not against because God is for you. 

It doesn't hate you because God loves you.

It's not mad at you because God delights in you. 

It's not fighting you because God's at peace with you. 

We can only love ourselves when we first understand the Father's love toward us. It becomes the only way to our self-proclaimed self-love. (That the world like to throw at us.) " - Jessica Hottle

This grey sleeveless hoodie is perfect for fitness, the pool, errands, and all kinds of Summer fun.  Wear His truth while you live and play!

Runs True to Size.